And We Lit the Sky On Fire

When you look up happiness in the dictionary you get three main definitions
1. Characterized by good luck; fortunate.
2. Enjoying, showing, or marked by pleasure, satisfaction, or joy.
3. Being especially well-adapted

When you think about happiness and what it is to obtain it, the third definition seems to be the most appropriate. Luck is not a solid enough basis for a definition and not a very optimistic view of happiness, so it baffles me that this would be the first definition. If you can adapt to the world around you, good or bad, there is nothing stopping you from being happy. Sometimes you just have to accept that this is the way it is, luck or no luck.

I think that this summer I am going to post a smashmymac video in which I take my mac and smash it to pieces. For a number of reasons (most being my fault probably) my mac is barely functioning. The keyboard and mouse both stop working randomly...sometimes just now. At times the screen brightness will go out of control and I will not be able to control it. So the plan is when we (Tim, Dale, Leland, maybe Jim, and I) make it to Texas I am going to grab my camera and smash this piece of shit into pieces.

Tim Kelly and Matt Good brought back lots of fireworks and we set some off at south cape beach. No 14 year old girls were present. Tim got hit by a rogue roman candle blast.

Next stop Texas

Spring Break or Lack There Of

Could not seem to sleep tonight. This is my second college spring break and for whatever reason this time of the year brings on a lot of change and things to ponder. Which is most likely why sleep is evading me tonight. I guess it is always a time where you begin to think about next year or this summer and what life is going to bring. I have noticed however that no matter what I think or want to happen next life has a way of doing whatever it wants, regardless of my desires. Maybe it is not worth worrying about because in the end your going to do what feels right, and things will fall into place because of that. I have been sitting in bed for about 2 hours, and even though I was really tired earlier I cannot fall asleep. Life has a way of keeping you up sometimes.