Spring Break or Lack There Of

Could not seem to sleep tonight. This is my second college spring break and for whatever reason this time of the year brings on a lot of change and things to ponder. Which is most likely why sleep is evading me tonight. I guess it is always a time where you begin to think about next year or this summer and what life is going to bring. I have noticed however that no matter what I think or want to happen next life has a way of doing whatever it wants, regardless of my desires. Maybe it is not worth worrying about because in the end your going to do what feels right, and things will fall into place because of that. I have been sitting in bed for about 2 hours, and even though I was really tired earlier I cannot fall asleep. Life has a way of keeping you up sometimes.


Anonymous said...

long time no talk buddy.
hope all is well.

you're so lucky you're on break,
i'm dying for mine to be here.
i have another month to wait for mine =P

sfinjepogn said...
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Andrew (F.E.U.) Lippman said...

yes long time...believe me i need the break right now. let me know if you want to talk though..we should catch up

Jim said...

Sometimes life has a way of sucking your dick through a really small tube filled with broken glass.