A Return


After exactly a month away from blogging with time to reflect and sleep I still have nothing worth while to say...but I will continue to try. Currently I am sick, so that month of sleeping as not helped my health worth a damn. I make my return standing in a kitchen of a 2 story, furnished apartment that has been rented for the weekend for filming purposes. So besides making a movie for the weekend, we also gain the ability to play house for a while. Four guys play house?

So I currently stand around the table putting the finishing touches on a day, well in this case a nights worth of shooting. Though making a movie can seem stressful, I find it a relaxing experience for the most part. Everyone has something that they just understand, that makes sense to them, and is very easy for them to accomplish. Making movies is one of those things for me. Somewhere between planning shots, getting shots done, thinking about lighting, audio, and camera settings my mind just goes into cruise control and everything else fades away. It becomes that making this movie happen is the only thing in the world, and that feels ok.

There is also this bonding experience that comes along with movie making. Everyone feels apart of something special when you get that perfect shot with the perfect situation. For me this puts everything into place, because if this shot can happen, no matter how many times it has fails, then anything seems possible. With the right effort and maybe a little luck it seems that the world will self correct itself, and allow us to get the perfect shot in life as well.

Well enough of this philosophical comparison of life to well art. My sickness has forced me to need sleep more then I would like it to.

Bon Voyage

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