Nice Blogs Finish Last

I guess the major question for anyone who logistically wants to write a blog and have it be popular is can you write something interesting everyday for months on end? In a world where everything moves fast so the scene girl with a sidekick, a twitter, a blog, and a half naked profile picture on facebook can update every last one of those things before you can even start to hate her, its very hard to keep anyone's attention for 2 seconds.

However, for whatever fucked up reason people like to read about the mundane lives of other sad souls from every walk of life. Anyone from a washed up writer to a preteen girl can have a blog that generates reader after reader to laugh at it or sympathize with it. Anyone can have a blog that is successful but in the end who really gives a fuck. 50 years from now no one will care about what you think about Obama and no one will care about this fucking entry.



Jim said...

Dear Faggot,
In 50 years, your grandchildren will have internet v 2.0 and your blog will still be there. They will think you are a dick for ruining this entry with the second paragraph. The first one was fucking epic comic gold.
Jimp Bumblebee

Andrew (F.E.U.) Lippman said...

I will always be known as the man who was half epic comic gold