Life is a series of impressions

David Hume examined perception in the human mind and came to the assumption that our lives are made up of perceptions and not actual facts. What we remember about our lives are just ideas or perceptions we made about people, places, or things. Ever remember something happing one way while your friend remembering it a different way, that is Hume's theory at work. Not many philosophers to this day have chose to argue his points of the human mind and for good reason, he was right. Now I am sure that I am not alone in thinking how scary it is that we cannot even remember our lives without bias. In the same vain though it makes each and every one of us unique with intrinsic oneness. We remember our lives based on the way we felt and images we stored away. For many of us that means that our lives in the long run will be remembered as a series of great and not so great events, with the mediocre day to day stuff lost to the world.
However, everyone will be viewed by the rest of the world as well and those people will take their own unique perceptions and ideas away about you. That is why perfection would ruin the human race. We are made to all have faults because without them we would never have nothing worth remembering. Our lives would just be facts, one on top of another. I used to put a lot of thought into this blog for this exact reason, I wanted to remember how great and how flawed I am. Perceptions are all we have and maybe I can capture something here that otherwise would of been lost. What Hume was trying to get at in a not so flowery and philosophical way is that what makes us human are our faults, our emotions, and our view of the world. He was trying to acknowledge how beautiful our faults can be and will be, and for just a second remember that our lives are completely our own, for good or bad.

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