America: From the Passenger Seat of a Car


I made it.

Across the country in 11 days from Boston to Los Angeles. Red eye back to Boston through Charlotte to just barely make my first class of the semester. Not a bad way to spend the last few weeks of what is mostly likely my last innocent summer. From now on I am in the world of making a living and figuring out what the hell I am supposed to do for the next 40-50 years of my life. Honestly roadtrips seem much more fun.

I wish I could put down in this blog what this roadtrip was like. Not only was it one of the most freeing experiences in my life but it changed the way I see the world. Life is simple when you live out of a car and wake up in a different city every morning. In one day I stood at the Grand Canyon and walked the strip of Las Vegas. Woke up in a Howard Johnson and fell asleep in the Trump Towers. And at some point, I believe between getting separated, navigating through West Texas using only a map and encountering an enormous thunderstorm with Michael I realized that this was special. I never thought of America as a beautiful place from coast to coast but I was dead wrong. While standing on the side of the highway in the dark of Texas with my back against the car, eyes up looking at the stars I decided that we have to enjoy this. By that I mean we have to enjoy whatever our life is, great or shitty. The one thing I learned is that there are a lot of beautiful things we miss in our lives till we are forced to sit and look at them. For 11 days I learned a lot about those parts of my life. So if you are thinking about going cross country...get some friends..pack your car and do matter what it takes.

The end of this roadtrip however marked the beginning of my Senior year of College. College in itself has been interesting. Emerson, though being an extremely interesting school and having a number of great professors, lacks a lot of what i wanted from college. However I would never change going to school here for the few people who without this school I would not have met. They are worth the millions dollars in loans. I am not afraid to admit that I cannot wait to leave the city. I am now 100% sure that I do not fit here at all and probably never will.

The one thing I do enjoy about the city though is the number of great concerts. In the next few months I will get to see Mumford and Sons and Johnny Flynn in Boston. They give me faith that mainstream music may become great again.

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Anonymous said...

First off, helloooo :) I have not spoken to you in foreverrrr! I hope you are doing well. Secondly, WOW! I am so envious of your cross country roadtrip! It sounds amazing. Thirdly, I highly concur with your feelings toward Mumford and Sons. They give me hope for mainstream music to become at least decent again.