Stop & Smell the Roses


When the hell are we going to start living for something more then power, success or fame and fortune? In todays society very few people actually sit down for a second and realize what the hell all this shit is leading to. If you went out onto the street and asked 10 people what they are trying accomplish here on earth none of them would give an accurate response. We cannot take pride or take joy in anything anymore because everything we do is in light of another goal. We do our schoolwork to get into college, we get into college to get a good job, we get a good job that we hate so we can support a family and get retired, and then when we are retired we get sick of that just get too old too fast. There has to be a point in there where we as soceity ask where is this all going. Not a list of goals per say but just and idea of what makes our time on earth worth it. We need to get up and spend more time doing things that are going to make us happy now, that our going to change someones life or everyones life. We need to get passionate about something and start doing it. What if we never wasted a day, never gave up on something we cared about. We slowly forget the things that make us feel alive, the things that make us who we are in light of things that accomplish the "greater goal". The light of the things that we believe are necessary for us to do. I say lets cut the bullshit and live each day not like its our last but like it means something. So in the end when we do give up this right to live we can at least say we did it with style, our own style and not look back and say who was I. You need to be able to look back and at least laugh a little, because it was a good ride.

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