"That is not my shirt that is my sandwich"


A few days ago I was enjoying a trip to the mall with my friend Neil and our wondering brought us into the Gap. Lately I have found myself buying a lot of clothing items from the gap and probably should not be because of how expensive everything is. Yet I cannot avoid the waffle shirts. However, Neil was looking at the argyle socks and comparing which he has bought and how none of the others look appealing. I told him I liked one pair because it looked strikingly similar to a shirt I had just bought. As I went to show Neil my shirt in comparison to his socks I opened my sandwich bag and looked down to proclaim "That is not my shirt that is my sandwich" and immediately we both began to laugh and walk out the door. At the time it seemed like such a silly mistake to make and probably because of the snowy day and the fact we were bored out of our mind this joke seemed very funny.

It led me to start thinking about our easily our minds can jump for one topic to another. One second it is argyle socks and the next minute you are talking about Kevin Smith movies (which is what happened directly after the joke). For the most part I feel like my mind moves very fast and sometimes too fast, which makes me very aware when my mind begins to slow and that can be scary. I think this is why older people get cranky quite often, because your mind slowing down is a scary thing and I would complain about everything as well.

As I am writing this blog I witnessed a guitar hero commercial featuring Tony Hawk on drums, Michael Phelps on Bass, ARod on Guitar, and Kobe Bryant singing. I am in shock and quite blown, so writing the rest of this blog has just become a heavy task. That commercial just did not make sense, and I am pretty sure the sky is falling...actually it is.

Regarding the sky falling, I experienced a very similar scene today while traveling in New Hampshire. I have been up in this area to 1. visit my gf Selina and 2. visit my uncle Michael. However on the way back from the second location I found myself under the sky as it was falling. First of course is the insulation that comes down (snow) and it was coming down enough that I drove into one snow bank and could not exceed a speed of 40 mph on the highway, which has become one barely plowed lane. All I can say is thank god for rumble strips.

I now sit in Dover in a Hilton in a suite with two flat screen LCD tv's, a kitchenette, and an amazing hot tub. Funny how things work out sometimes, but maybe the end is near and I am just very lucky.

Anyways the end of this blog was supposed to be different but that commercial threw me very offtrack, and now I don't even want to play guitar hero. See For Yourself.

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