"I No Longer Feel I Have to Be James Dean"


Something I absolutely love about music and life is their innate ability to fuse together and become almost one thing, moving together. I have always thought that my life is set to music, for I carry my ipod at my side and spend at least 20% of any given day with music on. For me music is the one constant that can always keep stability. Life can be a whirlwind at times and it almost seems as though music can slow it down, speed it up, and decipher the infinite puzzle that is life. Some of my best thinking, decision making, and moments in life can be directly connected to one song or one band. It is the closest thing I have come to real magic in life. Music has the power to change things, and that my friend is what makes it so neccesary.

What I love most about music is when you find a new song and it just sticks. Whether it be because of the tempo, the vocals, the time period in which you found it or the person who introduced to it. Its almost like an absolute obession with three minutes of audio. When I come across a song like this I am usually listening to it about four or five times a day at least. This can last a week, a month, some songs I listen to almost everyday. The songs that can be played everyday and always be appropriate are the purest form of music. Music must have one thing, adaptability, along with its meaning. For me right now "5 Years Time" by Noah and the Whale has been screaming across my itunes nonstop for about three days now, and this is where the title of this particular blog comes from. For I actually no longer feel I have to be James Dean, well maybe just a little bit.

Enjoy the sounds of life,

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