After a long and much delayed time away from blogging I have returned to filling the pages.

Today's topic- Movement

As a culture we seem to always need to be moving, a theme very apparent in our society today. Everyone is going somewhere or doing something and when your not then something is wrong. I have always wondered why we will feel the need to be moving so much and why just being stuck in neutral is never an option. The only time I can say I was ever truly just in the moment and without worry about movement was for one day while I was backpacking in Montana. Dale and I arrived at St. Mary's, a very small town which was very much a tourist part of the park. We had nothing to do all day and we could not leave the area until the next day. So for about 8-10 hours we lived in a 200 yard stretch of nothing more then some restaurants and gift shops.

My overall experience was that being stuck for a moment was not so bad. It actually became quite the pastime once we got few mountain dews and sat down. It gave us time to think about our trip and ease our minds for a moment. In the future when I look back on the trip I feel that I will always remember that day for its uniqueness. How just for a moment I realized how nice it is to be doing nothing at all for once. So now as I run around doing things and trying to entertain myself, maybe one day Ill just sit around again and do absolutely nothing.

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