"Soon we will be wearing suits and buying birthday cakes"


I have been thinking a lot lately about the way in which we prioritize our lives. It seems like for whatever reason, probably due to something involving logistics, we never put that which we care most about in the world first. Now of course when something major happens, usually bad, for a moment we seem to adjust where our priorities lie, but why is this the only time we do this. Why does regular daily life have a separate system of priorities. I find that a lot of times people just seem to be doing what is most logical for them to fit into society, like working a job that they may not like, or putting too much time into something they could care less about.

You may be saying well of course this is the way it is, for a world in which we all only do what we really want, there would be chaos and nothing important would get done. Now I can't wholly agree with this because I believe the important things like producing food, making a living, helping a friend would still happen in this world. All we would be doing is taking more time to do something or create something we really want. In essence we would be giving our lives purpose day in and day out.

Obviously here I am preaching to the youth or the world because this is time to do something special and make sure you haven't missed out of something you will regret. This is why I have never put grades or education over important life situations. This is generally where the youth gets confused, because good grades and writing a good paper, in a year or even a day wont matter to you. Its not going to make your life the way you have always wanted. Education is there to teach if anything that you gotta find something your passionate about and go for it with all your heart, because why not now? As my great friend Neil once said "soon we will be wearing suites and buying birthday cakes", and by this time it may be too late to get something you really wanted, and you will wish you had not spent so much time worrying about your ethics grade. IN 20 years none of that will matter but a lot of other things will.


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