View From the Top


I am a watcher of people.

Some would confuse this for a voyeur, however I am not talking at all on a sexual level.

I am a huge advocate for experience but within the same topic I cannot help but watch others experience life. There is something magical about just viewing an action, that appears completely normal and then picking apart the subtle nuisances that make it unique. You have to ability to understand a person on a completely different level when you just focus on their most natural habits.

I have been thinking the best and quite possibly most interesting place for this action is a night shift, preferably at a desk or ideally, watching security cameras. There is some unspoken romantic mystery about the nighttime that I feel would be worth exploring. Plus the whole idea of completely flipping my sleep schedule and living almost reverse of everyone else is intriguing.

Some of the best experiences can only be obtained once you start paying attention to the experiences of others around you. This way you stop trying to understand everything about yourself and begin trying to understand everything about someone else. This is almost more intriguing then anything you will ever find out about yourself.

Just give it a try sometime, what do you think facebook really is,

Album to check out: Blitzen Trapper- Furr


Jim said...

You should check out Amherst or Downtown Northampton. There's some sketchy people hanging out doing a lot of sketchy shit. I saw a guy smoking crack in the parking lot in Amherst center last year.

Andrew (F.E.U.) Lippman said...

I saw a guy smoking crack here too. Next time I am in Amherst I think ill just sit on a bench in Northampton and start watching..see what happens