Time for Snuggie


I seem to be very unlucky when it comes to acquiring a room in a house. In the last two homes I have lived in I have been lucky enough to get the room with the outer walls. This means, since im not good at putting it in words, that the room has a wall and then immediately behind that is the outside world. Most rooms have some sort of wall or outer shell of the house or other isolation before the harsh outdoors. You might think that this does not sound that bad at all, however you have never experienced summer or winter in these rooms.

Every summer my room will get as warm as the inside of a snuggie no matter how many windows are open. This is because the room is getting directly warmed by the sun, which is very hot, at least I have heard. So throughout the summer months i find myself sleeping in the most minimal of setups, rarely using a blanket and most of the time sweating, and I don't like to shower that much. Needless to say it makes for an uncomfortable few months and makes me appreciate the ocean cooling that causes temperatures to stay below 80 most days.

In the winter time, the time this blog is being written, the room ceases to be warm or have an warm qualities at all. The thin walls that were probably thrown up by an intoxicated or at least sugar high builder put up no fight against a New England winter. This is where a snuggie should come into play, anyone want to buy me one? Regardless this horrible roll of the dice results in my feet never being warm, and my hands to constantly be frigid, which is great when girls are over. Every morning when I wake up and leave the room the rest of the house feels about 20 degrees warmer then the inside of my room. Its like the air vent is sneaking cold air in as I sleep just to spite me.

In turn I use various techniques to combat the air and have perfected staying warm, or I am just evolving. First I always wear socks, if I could give one piece of advice for staying in my room it would be buy warm socks. I also try to keep the room as light as possible so maybe it will appear warmer and I can trick myself into believing it, this is a very unproven method. I once used a space heater to alleviate the problem, this however is extremely loud and I am pretty sure doubles the electricity bill, so the economy has killed that dream as well. The best technique I have found is having some other unfortunate soul sleeping in the bed with you, thats why I would like to thank Selina for putting up with the cold and only complaining about it as much as I do.

If you cannot find a poor soul to harvest for warmth I suggest getting a pokephone, notice the invisible accent mark above the E. The pokephone is Selina's idea but I have taken the task of designing it. Essentially as she describes it, the pokephone will be able to do anything, including making you warm and allowing you to video chat with those you are on the phone with. Its a great idea and I have no idea where to start with the designing process. I don't think anyone has created something that can do everything, but I think apple is close.

The pokephone will look much better then this, I promise


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Selina said...

That is a bullshit pokephone! Mine at least looks like a pokeball (the thing you use to catch pokemon!) and is far superior.

"and my hands to constantly be frigid, which is great when girls are over"

Also- I would very much like to disagree with this comment, as it was not great at all. You wait til you come to my apartment where we keep the temperature at a nice 76-80 range.

I told you before, I'll get you a snuggie but I have to wait until they invent a pink one because since it is pink it would be much more manly.