In every human's life there is guaranteed to be at least one time where they question the meaning of life. I think the obvious problem with trying to determine the meaning of life as a whole is that we miss the subtle, yet more important goal, finding the meaning within life. One would figure that discovering the meaning of all life is well impossible. However one can very easily determine what gives his or her life meaning, what it is that makes your life worth having.

It seems that people get tied up in the notion that success, whether that be through a career and how much money you have, or how you are looked at by others in society, is the key to having meaning in life. These of course are the things you have control over and on any day you can change these things all on your own.

Recently I have been discovering a underlying meaning that many may either take for granted or just ignore as a meaning because it is uncontrollable. This is the idea that other people create all the meaning in your life. What is love without this exact idea? Is it that difficult to throw all other reasons and goals out the window when talking about what creates meaning in life and put it all in the hands of those around you? Well of course it is difficult because as humans we need control, we need a plan, something that we alone can take, mold, and fashion into our own meaning. Human relationships are more complex then that and scare the crap out of us.

However I have come to believe that we can have a number of people from which all meaning in life can derive. In a letter I recently received was written this sentence "Whenever I picture my future, I don't see a job, or a career, or even the place I'll be living, but I do see you."(SMS) This is what sparked this idea, that everything that society deems important can be thrown out the window in the category of importance for one person, because more meaning can be derived from a person then can be derived from any controllable element. So maybe we should let go for a moment, give in to the uncontrollable and in the end everything will work out because the people around us will make everything ok.


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