We'll Move It, But Don't Guarentee It's Safety


Neil, Ross, Chris Kelly, and I moved an organ for Neil and his Mom. For us this is an ordinary occasion along with moving coke machines, various other organs, and a laundry list of unnecessary items. We delivered the organ to Neil's mom, and she seemed very pleased by the whole endeavor. In a way we felt like Santa Claus, except more real and less fat. There were also no cookies or milk to speak of, however there were poodles.

I don't understand also how people can just give away things as awesome as organs on Craigslist. I heard about someone on Cape who took a piano, a nice almost new piano, and placed it in the woods where someone found it. I at first thought it might be one of my friends, because we had actually thought of this idea. However, someone just stole our idea and did it first. I think we will just leave a coke machine in the middle of the woods, that will show them.

I think the whole barter system we have now is fasinatating. When you start thinking about all the things on craiglist and ebay, people can sell almost anything to anyone. In the past it was a man on a cart carrying things from village to village and selling them off. I wonder if he had a logo on his cart for his company. That guy incorporated or something like that. He probably had alot of cool shit in that cart, people were much more creative back then.

We need some of that creativity these days.

Well I am off,


Burcu said...

Hi Andrew!!!! How r u :P

I was surfing around blogs and i found myself here?

How's going? Keeping cool?

Have a nice week with your team!

Hugs from Istanbul.


Andrew (F.E.U.) Lippman said...

Well thank you, I hope you enjoyed the blog. Even though I don't think i can make much sense to anyone that doesn't know me.

But I would love to have you keep reading so thanks!

Hugs from Cape Cod

haze said...

your blogs are cool.
by the way, are you jewish?