Deviating From The Norm

I have decided that I shall for at least one or maybe two entries, remove myself from talking about general, and usually vague ideas and for once talk about myself. Hopefully it will be interesting and if not well who cares, its not like anyone is reading this bullshit anyway. But in case in some drunken or half asleep state someone may run across this blog and wonder, what is going on in Andrew's life, I will continue this entry.

Its seems that my life has been changing very rabidly or not at all. I cannot yet tell what is really going on or happening but I definitely have been thinking a lot more often. First off my foot is itching like a bitch, so there is that. I have been drifting b]etween wanting to be on the move and wanting to stay in one spot. I have not spent a weekend either on a film shoot, at Amherst, or at home in the last five weeks. I cannot tell if this is because I do not want to be on campus or what but something has subconsciously pushed me to creating such a schedule. I have come to the conclusion that it is probably the fact that I am very, very confused about the direction my life is going and so moving and keeping busy, at least gives me something to grasp on to. At the same time as all this though I wouldnt mind just sitting in one spot for a little while and I am hoping that winter break will help me figure out all of this nonsensical bullshit.

I got back together with Gina, which I believe is the right move and now I have to make up for some mistakes I have made in the past, but its worth it. I am also doing a pretty good job of keeping my grades up I think, and overall happy with how this year is going. However I am desperately slowly crawling towards winter break, which hopefully will go much like last years did. I believe my winter break last year was some of the best months I have spent but I also believe it was a lot of people in the right place at the right time and the odds of that perfect mixture again are less then likely. However the LAN is living on and I can only hope that the laughs, jokes, and beardz will keep flowing as they should. I guess with every new situation though there comes different positives and even though this winter break will not be the same as last year, it can be just as good. The J on my mac keyboard is broken, btw.

I plan on getting a Daniel Johnston T shirt, new awesome headphones, 4 Gb of RAM for my computer, and a new motor for the coke machine this winter break. As well hopefully go to one Celtics and game and one Bruins game. Going home this weekend with Gina, Jim is also going home. I can hear Kris watching the replay of the Bruins game we just went to, Candians fans are failures. Tim Kelly is rollin in the vidz kid, with the bottles in the case on the island. Can't wait to Lan------>

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