Your Going Home Thoreau


Tomorrow I will be making the long, and by long I mean hour and a half trip home for Thanksgiving break. A holiday, which if you think about it is kind of stupid to get three days off for but I guess its our way of "allowing for travel". Its kind of funny to think businesses and schools have to think about things like travel and allow days off just for that. Thanksgiving is one of the only holidays where that happens, which is odd. However, all this packing and thinking about my short vacation somehow turned my mind to Thoreau.

Thoreau, for those who don't know but should know, was a famous transcendentalist (a fancy word for someone against how society is being run), who spend 2 years living on Walden Pond in Mass, trying to show everyone how to live the simple life. He wrote a book while he was there, it became famous, and now Dale looks a lot like him.

My thoughts though was what it must of been like for him to go home after all that time. I mean he spend two years alone, away from any friends and family he had. He must have had some many notifications on Facebook and thousands of emails. I wonder though if he felt much like me, overwhelmed by everything that he has to catch up with, and trying to figure out the whirlwind that is his life. I am sure he went away to figure out a lot of things and I wonder if he did, it would at least give me hope.

On another note I am getting excited for it to snow, if only to make up for the blistering cold. I have always wonder what it would be like to go winter hiking in the mountains and how much tougher it must be. I think eventually I would love to try it because it would be quite beautiful and a good test. I have been listening to the "In An Aeroplane Over the Sea" album by Neutral Milk Hotel, and it would be perfect for winter hiking. Everyone should check it out.

So tomorrow I am off to good ole Cape Cod for lots of fun and lots of thinking. Wish me luck.

Till Sometime Soon,

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