The Science of Sleep and the Thought


I woke up this morning, two hours after I would of liked and starting thinking as anyone would any regular morning. Finally after about 30 minutes of lying in bed I realize something I had thought right before sleep only 8 hours ago. It got me thinking about all the times I have what at the time seem to be important thoughts, and totally forget them in the morning. It was one of those thoughts that almost keeps you awake too, something that should of been the first thing I thought about in the morning. However it took me a solid 30 minutes of just thinking before I came back across this thought. I found all of that very unnerving because I began to question what is important and how something could lose importance in a period of 8 hours of sleep. Ironically that fear and feeling of uncertainly about importance went away within 5 minutes. Making that thought also unimportant as well. In turn making this paragraph unimportant and most likely forgettable.

The last paragraph also got me thinking about the unimportance of your blogging to other people. You of course being the average blogger who just mumbles your various thoughts onto the web. Yet somehow a lot of people usually find one persons random mumbling quite interesting. Does that make it important? I guess it really does not matter but since I am just throwing words down here I like to think somebody is interested, other them myself of course.

I just got distracted and lost the idea for this blog, uhhhhhhh, The Science of Sleep is a weird movie that I saw with Neil at Nickelodeon cinemas. I would check it out if you want to be blown. That connects to my first paragraph well enough so that works.

I feel this blog is very forgettable, sorry all

Till Tm,
A name that starts with T

P.S. That is Ross in a Elf costume..yay Christmas


Neil Everett said...

Nickelodeon Cinema is great, we should really go and see something over winter break!

Andrew (F.E.U.) Lippman said...

Totally agree, hopefully something is playing that is worth seeing. I was thinking about that tree you showed me there that you could like go under. Kinda like the one at Amherst.