Red Bull Daze and Naps


I woke up this morning for my usually Thursday gauntlet of 3 classes from 8 straight through till 1:30. I usually buy a monster or a red bull so I can get through that first hour and a half and get my day started. I have been doing this almost every Tuesday and Thursday this whole semester and I have noticed something about starting off my day with an energy drink. After about 2 o clock once I have eaten and whatnot I get what I call a "red bull daze". It is a very surreal experience where I am looking around at nothing in particular usually dazing off into space. The weirdest part is that sound starts to blur and its like my mind was hyped up on energy and is now creepy to a slow halt and my whole brain is chaos. Therefore, I cannot make out sounds or focus in on anything at all. I notice that usually I'm not even thinking about anything at all, which is all too weird and freaks me out on a regular basis. I would compare to tunnel vision, but that implies intense focus on one specific thing and that is far from what is going on. This is kinda what I imagine a photo of what I am talking about would look like.

I have decided to take as many naps as possible during the day due to there awesomeness and my lack of sleep at night. This way it allows me to sleep during the day and be rested and stay up late without any regrets. I have not figured out how this will effect my schoolwork but lets keep our fingers crossed.


Neil Everett said...

Naps > Energy Drinks
They have no side effect, they are all natural, and they are free. when are you going to be on the Cape?

Andrew (F.E.U.) Lippman said...

Tuesday I will be home, around 5 o clock. Ill give you a call

Jim said...

The daze is from the caffeine me thinks. I get the same effect when I drink too much caffeine without enough sleep. EVERY DAY