Holidays and Sex Changes


In the midst of an extremely long week and following weekend my head is too cluttered to do anything but blog at the moment.

This afternoon Michael and I had a thought about how holidays like Halloween or even now Thanksgiving are just excuses we have made to distract from the fact that life sucks. Not sucks in the scheme of a lifetime, but day to day life can become quite monotonous. For most adults the weekday consists of working, eating, sleeping, and not much room for many other little joys other then their favorite Wednesday night sitcom. It was a pointless conversation but we established that people make holidays excuses to go out and party and most of the time look like fools because during the week they would rather be acting like that anyway. However, in a world where everyone runs around dressed as nurses and celebrating the idea of landing on a rock, not much would get done. It is however necessary so we can all stay a little sane.

We also wondered if one half of a married couple got a sex change, would their marriage not be recognized anymore. We sort of agreed that there must be something saying you were a male or female at the time of marriage, and also decided we are not sure if you can completely legally change your gender.

I saw Iron and Wine featuring the man above Sam Beam. The concert was quite worth it due to a man who played a thousand mystery items and the fact that we were literally sitting on stage at the bands feet. If you have not heard any of Sam's stuff, check it out if only for his sick beard.

After the week I will be ready for the Thanksgiving break, mostly due to the lack of sleep I will be getting the next few nights. Neil, Ross, and I will be podcasting this break for our show The Greenlight Podcast, which you can find on Itunes if you feel so inclined.

Here is an amazing Iron and Wine live clip that you should watch because if your a human you will like it, Aliens need not apply

Boy With A Coin Live


Dave Sciarrillo said...

Iron & Wine is great.

Andrew (F.E.U.) Lippman said...

It was an awesome show dude, if you get a chance to see him jump on it.